We realize we have to be more adaptable, resilient, cooperative and networked in order to survive as an organization. And guess what? Life on earth has already practiced and applied these social practices over the past 3.8 billion years. This is the domain of Biomimicry for social innovation.

What can we learn from a forest about community building? Can we learn from nature how to operate in networks or in self-organizing teams? How does the polar fox and other organisms manage to adapt to changing conditions? Can we find answers for social problems like poverty and social exclusion? I Think we can. All we have to do is to understand the principles and pattern behind life’s succesfull strategies.

VPNG Yearcongres 2017.
Foto: Jan Boeve

Articles and more

The new order of ecological organizations

A new generation of organizations emerges. They work like living systems and are more fit for todays challenges. Biomimicry can enhance this movement by offering inspiration together with practical tools. If you want to know more about this and read about the domains of those challenges, read this article. Organizations of the future are based on ecology. Or read more in this short article in the Conference Magazine Biomimicry Magazine – article

Ten perspectives from Nature

Are you interested in reading more on Biomimicry for organisations? Then this small book is for you. Ten perspectives from Nature – 2014

TEEMING, how superorganisms work to build infinite wealth in a finite world 

What a amazing and comprehensive book! A facinating journey of unbounded optimism and creativity towards a sustainable way to live and do business on earth. Full of examples and full of humor. Must read!!

TEEMING review 18.09.2017


About Bowine Wijffels 

Nature–Wise stands for a biomimicry approach to organizational and social development. We use ecological processes and patterns as a resource. We can help you with questions about collaboration in your business ecosystem, effectively working in teams, operating in a changing environment and so on.

Nature-Wise is an initiative of Bowine Wijffels. Bowine is originally trained as a teacher biology and has been a consultant on sustainable development for 16 years. She now uses her background to support organizational and professional development in businesses, governmental organisations and NGO’s. From a systemic view on organizations in their context, she is able to connect the strategy mission to every day’s practice and vice versa. She will provide you with new perspectives and comprehensive models to support the goals you want to achieve. Her inspiration comes from the natural world.

If you are able to really understand the circumstances in which your organization has to operate you are on the path of becoming sustainably successful.

Bowine participated in the course ‘Biomimicry for Social innovation’ and is part of the global ‘Biomimicry for Social Innovation’ netwerk in 2015 and in 2016. See: www.bio-sis.net. She is an associate of Biomimicry NL; www.biomimicryorg.nl.